Slavery and its Legacy in South Kingstown


  1. First contacts between Narragansetts and Europeans, c. 1636-1676
  2.  King Philip’s War, c. 1675-1676
  3. The Narragansett Planters and the era of legal state-sanctioned slavery c. 1636-1800
  4. The Era of Interconnected North-South Economies, c. 1800-1875
  5. The Revisionist Era, c. 1875-1925
  6. The Revisionist Legacy, c. 1925-present
  7. Towards a New Understanding, c. 1995-present
  8. Online Resources

*Where possible, entries are linked to full text editions.


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See also the resources above on First Contacts between Narragansetts and Europeans, c. 1636-1675.

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Growing Up in South County Oral History Interviews

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The South Kingstown Town Council Refuses to Free Patience, an Enslaved Woman