Magnolia Lane

Major Land Development - Multi-Household Land Development Project

Assessor's Plat 57-1, Lot 121 - Magnolia Lane (formerly Wilson & Tarn Streets)
The applicant is proposing a major multi-household land development project to include the construction of two (2) duplex structures with a total of four (4) residential units.  These units will share a common driveway off of Magnolia lane supporting by parking and individual garages for each unit.  The proposed development will be serviced by public sewer and water.

Current Status:
The Conceptual Master Plan was reviewed by the Technical Review Committee (TRC) on September 8, 2021.  The Public Informational Meeting associated with this application is scheduled to be held with the Planning Board at their September 28, 2021 Regular Session meeting.
  1. Conceptual Master Plan
  2. Pre-Application Concept Plan