Important Documents

There are a number of important documents that are created throughout the school building planning process.  This includes required reports that are submitted to the Rhode Island Department of Education's School Building Authority (SBA), community presentations, and other related documents.  These documents will be posted and updated throughout the planning process.  


On September 8, 2022 Studio JAED gave a presentation to the Town Council and School Committee highlighting the Stage I Report which is a required document by the RIDE SBA.  This document contains a significant amount of data that establishes the current needs of the school facilities in the district.  The School Committee voted unanimously to forward the Stage I application to RIDE.  This is currently in draft form.  The final document must be submitted to RIDE by September 15, 2022.  

Stage I Front Page


Stage I Presentation - Studio JAED 9/8/22Slideshow by Studio JAED regarding the Stage I report presented to the Town Council and School Committee on September 8, 2022.  
Draft Stage I ReportDraft Stage I needs assessment.  Final due to RIDE by 9/15/2022.
SBC Master Schedule 8/31/22Master meeting schedule approved by the School Building Committee on 8/31/2022.  This document outlines meetings for the Stage II development process through December 2022. 
Initial Planning Options/ Magnitude of Cost for School FacilitiesSlideshow by Studio JAED presented at the SBC's 9/22/2022 regular meeting.  
Draft Bond Impact Analysis ChartsCharts showing the relative cost of various debt amounts for a school improvement project with a prospective state reimbursement of 52.5%.  Presented and the SBC 9/22/2022 Meeting.  
Bond Financing Overview 9/22/22 - A summary of debt related information presented by the Town's finance director at the SBC 9/22/2022 meeting including the Town's bond capacity, current debt, and other relevant information.  
Potential Impact of Bond Financing

9/22/2022 - A summary of the prospective impact of debt with state share of 52.5%.  Note that this information is preliminary.
Community Forum Survey Results

10/1/2022 - During the October 1, 2022 community forum Studio JAED conducted a live time survey and participants were asked a series of questions.  This document summarizes the results of the survey.  
Studio JAED High School Options Presentation 

10/6/2022 - On 10/6/2022 Studio JAED gave a presentation to the school building committee outlining an option to remove and replace the existing high school while saving and renovating the exiting auditorium to maximize RIDE incentives.  You can view the entire presentation here: 
Studio JAED Slide Show for the October 20, 2022 SBC Meeting10/20/2022 - Studio JAED presentation including an overview of potential elementary school consolidation options as well as multiple options for the reconstruction of a high school at the current site as well as tow alternate sites.  You can view a recording of the presentation here: 
Studio JAED Slide Show for the October 27, 2022 SBC Meeting
10/27/2022 - Studio JAED presentation including multiple options for the placement of an off site athletic complex, challenges of renovating the existing HS, and high level cost data for renovation/ full replacement of the high school.  You can view a recording of the presentation here:  
Studio JAED Slide Show for the November 3, 2022 SBC Meeting
11/3/2022 - Studio JAED presentation including an overview of project scheduling and challenges, updates to off site athletic complex options, and overview of agenda items for the 11/5/22 community workshop.  You can view a recording of the presentation here:
Studio JAED Slide Show for the November 5, 2022 SBC Meeting
11/5/2022 - Community Workshop.  Studio JAED presentation followed by interactive work stations and Q & A Session. You can view a recording of the presentation here:
Notes from the November 5,2022 Community Workshop11/5/2022 - Community Workshop notes.  Comparative notes for the concepts show for CCMS versus Columbia Street projects as well as recreation facility options:
SK Sports Schedule and  Amenities Recommendations12/8/2022 - Document provided by SK Athletic Director Terry Lynch that provides an overview of current SK sports and scheduling.  Recommendations related to new sports facilities are also included.  To watch Mr. Lynch's presentation of SK sports facilities and recommendations go to: 
Town Council update Presentation - Project and Financial Review12/12/2022 - Presentation provided to the SK Town Council.  The goal of the meeting was to provide an overview of process, provide a status report, review financials, and elicit feedback to the SBC for next planning steps.   To watch the SBC presentation go to:
Studio JAED Slide Show for the February 2, 2023 SBC Meeting
2/2/2023 - Studio presentation regarding the potential use of Hazard Field for a New High School to keep students in place during construction, wetlands information and associated athletic complex feasibility studies, and current construction cost data.  You can view a recording of the presentation here:
Energy and Water Efficiency Incentive Bonus Language
2/2/2023 - At the February 2. 2022 SBC meeting Chairman Murray explained that the SK School District may be eligible for a Energy and Water Efficiency Incentive Bonus to ensure SK will maximize the bonus rate to 52.5%.  You can view this portion of the meeting here:
2023 SBC Adopted Master Schedule 
2/2/2023 - At the February 2. 2022 SBC meeting the Committee adopted a master schedule that is intended to serve as a guide for upcoming activities related to the Stage II submission and potential bond referendum. 
2/9/2023 Joint TC/SC/SBC Presentation 
2/9/2023 - A joint meeting of the Town Council, School Committee, and School Building Committee was held to discuss school project updates, funding, and related topics.  You can view the meeting recording here: 
$150 Million Project Funding Amortization Schedule2/23/23 - Amortization schedule showing the debt service payments on a $150 million dollar bond with state and local share shown.  Approximately $9.5M of PayGo funding is used to pay down the initial debt.  This was presented at the 2/23/23 joint TC/ SC meeting.  
$150 Million Project Debt Funding Scenario2/23/23 - Town finance director Brian Silvia presented one option for possibly funding the proposed $150 Million debt over a multi-year period.  This scenario assumes 1%-2% Town budget growth with funding of additional debt.  
Community Workshop Presentation Slides3/18/23 - The SBC and Studio JAED facilitated a community workshop at the SKHS Cafeteria to solicit input into the new high school and athletic facility design.  To watch the live stream go to:
SBC Update - Overview of Community Workshop and OPM 
3/23/23 - Studio JAED presented the results of the 3/18 community workshop to include community concepts, building preferences, general ideas and site concepts.  The role of the OPM was also reviewed.  To watch the live stream go to:
SBC Update - Procuring an OPM Slide Deck3/30/23 - Studio JAED provided an overview of the role of the Owners Project Manager (OPM) and guidance on crafting an RFQ so the SBC could begin a search.  To watch the live stream go to:
SKHS Building Concept Slide Deck - Studio JAED Presentation4/20/23 - Studio JAED provided a presentation to the SBC providing an overview of community survey results as well as a refined building concept for the South Kingstown High School with representative images of proposed layout, fixtures and furnishings.  To watch the live stream go to: