South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention


  • Dr. Celeste Corcoran
  • Jon Kimpton
  • Amanda B. Mather
  • Pastor Keith McNamar
  • Carol A. Pilkington
  • Margaret M. Healy - Ex-Officio Member - Town Council representative
  • Captain Joel Ewing-Chow - Ex-Officio Member - Police Department representative
  • Cathy Larlham - Ex-Officio Member - SK Parks & Rec Representative
  • Christi Saurette - Ex-Officio Member - School Representative

Staff assistance is provided by Heidi Driscoll, SKPP Coordinator.


In accordance with the guidelines outlined in both the Drug Free Communities Grant and the Rhode Island Substance Abuse and Prevention Act, the Town Council of the Town of South Kingstown on March 12, 2007 voted to recognize the South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention (SKPP) Coalition. On August 15, 2011 the Town Council approved the following language to serve as the SKPP Charge:

This Commission is charged to lead the Town of South Kingstown in substance abuse prevention activities by using a variety of strategies and resources in partnership with multiple, specifically required sectors of the community to design and control a multitude of prevention programs. The SKPP Commission members will also be involved in the broader defined SKPP Coalition that is designed in accordance with guidelines outlined in both State and Federal Substance Abuse and Prevention grant funding programs. The SKPP is structured to receive funding from numerous sources including those at the Local, State and Federal governmental levels as well as other private For-Profit and Non-Profit Trusts and Foundations. The Commission is to be comprised of (7) voting members serving (3) year terms and various Ex-Officio representatives including (1) Law Enforcement, (1) Parks and Recreation, (1) School, (2) Student and (2) Town Council representatives.

SKPP Website and Social Media

The South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention operates a Facebook page, which can be found here.
Visit the South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention website for information and resources on substance abuse prevention.
  1. MK Whitton

    SKPP Coordinator

  2. South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention

    Physical Address
    215 Columbia Street
    Wakefield, RI 02879

    Phone: (401) 360-1880

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