A Readable Feast - A Cookbook Book Group

A Readable Feast meets the second Thursday of the month from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Registration is required to attend this program.
For more information on this unique book group, call 401-783-8254, or email Britta at bobertello@skpl.org

Cookbooks and Chefs for 2019

Thursday December 12th
Appetizer and Dessert Cookbooks

  • All-time Best Appetizers / Editors of America's Test Kitchen
            Cindy D: Bacon, Scallion, and Caramelized Onion Dip (pg. 94)
            Mary: Spicy Whipped Feta (pg. 98)
            Mary: Olive Oil Sea Salt Pita Chips (pg. 58)
            Mary: Bruschetta with Black Olive Pesto (pg. 64)
            Maureen: BLT Canapes with Basil Mayonnaise (pg. 73)
            Steve: Crispy Spiced Chickpeas (pg. 49)
            Marian: Naan with Fig Jam, Blue Cheese, and Prosciutto (pg. 79)

  • Tiny Food Party! : bite-size recipes for miniature meals / Teri Lyn Fisher & Jenny Park
               Britta: Caprese Skewers (pg. 10)
               Denise: Potato Samosas (pg. 32)
               Cynthia F: Cinnamon Spiced Cupcakes (pg. 108)
               Lorraine L: Crab Cakes with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli (pg. 20)
               Jordan: Pajeon (pg. 29)
               Tracy: Savory Scones (pg. ?)
               Jerry: Mini Eclairs (pg. ?)

  • BraveTart: iconic American Desserts / Stella Parks

               Brandi: Green Tea Cheesecake (pg. 80)
              Cindy O: Fig Newtons (pg. 206)
              Linda B: Oreo's (pg. 212)
              Miroslav: Magic Key Lime Pie (pg. 174)
              Lana: Eggnog

  • The Baking Bible / Rose Levy Beranbaum

              Marcia: White Christmas Peppermint Cake (pg. 31)
              Dianne: Pepparkakors Spice Cookies (pg. 331)
              Chantrey: Luxury Chocolate Buttercrunch Toffee (pg. 400)

Thursday January 9th
Cookbooks by Julia Turshen

  • Small Victories: recipes, advice + hundreds of ideas for home cooking triumphs
  • Now & Again: go-to recipes, inspired menus + endless ideas for reinventing leftovers 
Thursday February 20th
Cookbooks by Christopher Kimball
  • Milk Street: Tuesday Nights: more than 200 simple weeknight suppers that deliver bold flavor, fast

Thursday March 12th
Japanese and Korean Cookbooks

  • Mastering the Art of Japanese Home Cooking / Masaharu Morimoto
  • The Japanese Grill: from classic Yakitori steak, seafood, and vegetables / Harris Salat & Tadashi Ono
  • Koreatown: a cookbook / Deuki Hong & Matt Rodbard
  • Korean Food Made Simple / Judy Joo

Thursday April 9th
Cookbooks by Mark Bittman

  • Dinner for Everyone: 100 iconic dishes made three ways - easy, vegan, or perfect for company

Thursday May 7th
Cookbooks by Gwyneth Paltrow

  • It's all Easy: delicious weekday recipes for the super-busy home cook
  • It's all Good: delicious, easy recipes that will make you look good and feel great
  • My Father's Daughter: delicious, easy recipes celebrating family & togetherness

Thursday June 11th
Vegan Cookbooks

  • Vegan for Everybody / America's Test Kitchen
  • Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking: 101 entirely plant-based, mostly gluten-free, easy and delicious recipes / Dana Shultz
  • Isa Does It: amazingly easy, wildly delicious vegan recipes for every day of the week / Isa Chandra Moskowitz
  • The Oh She Glows Cookbook: over 100 vegan recipes to glow from the inside out / Angela Liddon
  • Tahini and Tumeric: 101 Middle Eastern classics- made irresistibly vegan / Ruth Fox & Vicky Cohen

Thursday July 9th
RI Chef Cookbooks

  • We Called it Macaroni: an American heritage of Southern Italian cooking / Nancy Verde Barr
  • Don Bousquet's Rhode Island Cookbook: a collection of recipes reflecting the bounty, history, and inimitable style of RI / Martha Murphy

Thursday August 13th
Vintage Cookbooks

  • Betty Crocker Lost Recipes: beloved vintage recipes for today's kitchen / Betty Crocker
  • Lost Recipes: meals to share with friends and family / Marion Cunningham
  • Cook's Country Best Lost Suppers: old-fashioned, home-cooked recipes too good to forget / Cook's Country
  • Cook's Country Blue Ribbon Desserts: rediscover more than 120 heirloom treasures and regional favorites / Cook's Country
  • The Best American Classics / Cook's Illustrated 

Thursday September 10th
Cookbooks by Martin Yan

  • Martin Yan Quick and Easy
  • Martin Yan's Asian Favorites
  • Martin Yan's Culinary Journey through China
  • Martin Yan's Invitation to Chinese Cooking
  • Martin Yan's Asia
  • The Yan Can Cookbook

Thursday October 8th
Cookbooks by Rachael Ray

  • Rachael Ray: 30 minute meals get togethers
  • Just in Time! : all new 30-minute meals, plus super fast 15 minute meals and how to slow it down 60 minute meals

Thursday November 12th
Soup Cookbooks

  • Soup: a way of life / Barbara Kafka
  • Soup for Syria: recipes to celebrate our shared humanity / Barbara Abdeni Massaad
  • New England Soup Factory Cookbook: more than 100 recipes from the Nation's best purveyor of fine soup / Marjorie Druker & Clara Silverstein

Thursday December 10
America's Test Kitchen Cookbooks

  • The Best of America's Test Kitchen
  • Cooking at Home with America's Test Kitchen
  • The America's Test Kitchen Cookbook