OMF 4th of July

Old Mountain Field Improvements Old Mountain Field (OMF) is South Kingstown’s oldest public park, deeded to the Town by the Hazard Family in 1938. To this day, Old Mountain remains one of the Town’s most active recreational facilities, featuring lighted baseball and softball fields, basketball and tennis courts, a skateboard park, picnic area, and nature trails. By virtue of its location in the center of Wakefield, OMF is classified as an urban park within walking distance of surrounding neighborhoods located in Peace Dale and Downtown Wakefield. It is used for Recreation Department programs and camps, high school athletics and physical education; and multiple community-based athletic leagues.

The long-term CIP calls for construction of a new restroom and concession building among other upgrades to the existing athletic facilities. Various elements of the park such as the skate park, tennis courts, and baseball field have gone through recent planned upgrades. The current year pay-as-go projects include resurfacing the basketball court and renovating the baseball infield. The restroom and concession facilities are the major element identified for replacement within the next six years. The six-year CIP includes the following elements:

Construction of New Restroom/Concession Building 

The existing restroom and storage facility at Old Mountain Field is approximately 50 years old and has undergone basic improvements over the years but is inadequate for the volume of activity that occurs at the park on a regular basis. The concession building is also aged and in poor condition. It is proposed that a single new facility be constructed to accommodate an adequate number of restrooms, a small concession area, and park maintenance storage space. The facility would be similar to the Concession/Restrooms at Broad Rock Play Fields. The cost of a building of this type is estimated at approximately $790,000. A combination of Capital reserve funds, $300,000 from the 2021 municipal bond funding, and earmarked American Rescue Plan funds, will fully fund this project.

Re-Design of Park Traffic Pattern, and Associated Improvements to Parking Lots 

In conjunction with the site design for a new restroom/concession building, re-design of the existing OMF parking lots to incorporate safer pedestrian access from the lots, and a one-way traffic pattern within the park, is also planned. Funding in the amount of $50,000 is recommended to increase the Park rehab reserve fund for the parking redesign to be incorporated with the plans for the new concession/restroom building. These two project elements should be carried out at the same time.

Tennis Court Resurfacing

The FY2025-2026 pay as you go program includes $15,000 for resurfacing and crack repair on the tennis courts. These courts are on an approximate ten-year rotation for repairs and repainting.