The South Kingstown Police Department detective division is currently comprised of eight (8) detectives including one (1) Detective Sergeant and one (1) Detective Lieutenant who oversees the division as the Detective Commander. Within the Detective Division, one detective is designated as the juvenile investigative specialist. The juvenile detective is responsible for follow-up investigations involving juvenile offenders and all matters referred to the family court.


Detectives are responsible for following up on criminal cases, both misdemeanors and felonies and are proactive in criminal investigations involving the use and distribution of illegal narcotics within the community. In addition to working criminal cases, detectives are responsible for performing criminal background checks on all potential new hires.

South Kingstown Detectives work outside of the community with all local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to follow up on criminal matters. Detectives assist the department's accident reconstruction team with all motor vehicle accidents involving serious bodily injury and or death.


All detectives receive extensive training at the Rhode Island Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) School held at The University of Rhode Island. The BCI instructors teach courses in crime scene investigation to include training in crime scene photography, fingerprint analysis and the collection and preservation of evidence.

The Detective Division is equipped with the latest in audio and visual electronic surveillance equipment to assist in the collection of evidence for criminal prosecution.