The Dispatch Center of South Kingstown Police Department is staffed 24 hours a day, with 2 dispatchers, from a roster of 8 full time dispatchers and 1 part-time dispatcher. Sworn Police Officers also work in the dispatch center, when needed. The Dispatchers and Officers work at 2 separate workstations in the Dispatch Center and have a 3rd Dispatch Workstation available if the call frequency requires a 3rd Dispatcher or Officer.

Types of Calls

The majority of calls for service are received at the Department's dispatch center. Dispatchers answer routine calls for service, 911 phones, and emergency calls. South Kingstown Dispatchers dispatch for South Kingstown Police, Union Fire District, Kingston Fire District, and South Kingstown EMS. Annually the dispatch center handles more than 60,000 calls. South Kingstown Dispatchers monitor over a dozen state, local, and emergency 800 MHz radio frequencies.
Dispatch Work Station
Dispatchers maintain an accurate status of Police/Fire/EMS personnel via a computer aided dispatching (CAD) system. Dispatchers conduct computer searches through local, state, and national crime databases for wanted subjects, stolen property, driver and vehicle information. Dispatchers process confirmations on arrest warrants and relay information to requesting officers. The public safety building can be viewed and recorded on closed circuit TV cameras and monitors located in the dispatch center.