Tax Collector's Office - Tax & Utility Collection

The Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for the collection of all real estate, personal property, and motor vehicle excise taxes, town sewer, South Shore and Middlebridge water user fees, adult day care and septic hauler invoices.

The Tax and Utility Collection functions:

  • Act as the central processing office for revenue from all Town of South Kingstown departments; 
  • Collect and record the receipt of all local taxes, including Real Estate, Motor Vehicle, and Tangible; 
  • Collect and record receipt of revenues from the Town’s Water and Wastewater user fees and solid waste charges; 
  • Enforce delinquent collections of taxes through various collection methods; 
  • Submit delinquent motor vehicle accounts to the State of RI Division of Motor Vehicles annually; 
  • Submit delinquent tangible personal property accounts to the Town’s collection agency annually;  
  • Maintain and coordinate annual Tax Sale for delinquent real estate accounts

For viewing of Real Estate, Motor Vehicle, or Tangible tax billing and assessment data, please click here for the Online Tax Roll. You can access information by owner name, property location, property map (plat and lot), account number, DBA, or vehicle identification number (VIN). 

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of the Tax Collector’s page for additional information regarding common inquiries.