Copies of Tax Bills

Property tax bills (Real Estate, Motor Vehicle, and Tangible) are mailed once a year, and are traditionally mailed during the first week of July.

If you are seeking to obtain a copy of your Tax bill, current and prior bills can be retrieved electronically via the “Online Tax and Utility Collection System.” In order to log into the portal, you will need your unique tax account number and your account PIN. Please note that each tax account type – real estate, motor vehicle, and tangible – has a different account number.

If you have a prior tax bill to reference, you can find your account number, PIN, and log-in instructions on the top right of the face of the bill. If you cannot locate this information, you can call the Tax Collector’s office directly, and we can supply you with your account number and PIN.

You can also contact the Tax Collector’s office directly, via phone, email, or in-person, to obtain a copy of a Tax Bill. The office can email you a .pdf of an original bill; reprint a bill and send it to a specified mailing address; or generate a copy in-office for individual pickup.

Escrow and Real Estate Tax Bills

When your Real Estate taxes are escrowed as part of your mortgage, your mortgage company will typically contact the Town directly to request a copy of your tax bill on your behalf. The Town provides tax information to escrow agents electronically, and only upon request. Once this request is made, your tax bill is sent directly to your lending institution. If you escrow your taxes and you receive a copy of your tax bill in the mail, you should provide the bill directly to your lending institution.


Please note that, in any circumstances in which you do not successfully receive your tax bill, R.I. Gen. Laws § 44-7-7 (“Collection of Taxes Generally”) states the following:

“Failure by the Tax Collector to send or failure by the taxpayer to receive a notice shall not excuse the nonpayment of the tax or affect its validity or any proceedings for the collection of the tax.”



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