Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP)


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Take the SHIP quiz. Have you ever wondered...
  • If you should change your medical coverage to save money?
  • If there are any programs that help pay for prescriptions?
  • How to report Medicare fraud?
  • About the pros and cons of purchasing a long term insurance policy?
  • Where you can get a price guide for Medicare Supplement Plans in RI?
  • If you qualify for a program that will pay your Medicare Part B Premium
  • Where you could get coverage for hearing aids, eyeglasses and dental care?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, why not make arrangements to talk to a trained SHIP counselor in your area? Any information you share is confidential.


You can help seniors navigate the waves of health care options. Join the SHIP volunteer crew! As a Senior Health Insurance Program Volunteer, you will help people decide on health coverage. The Rhode Island Department of Elderly Affairs will train you.

For information call 401-789-0268. SHIP is funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and is sponsored by Rhode Island Department of Elderly Affairs.