Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

The GIS Division provides access to the Town's geographic information both in digital and hardcopy format.  Mapping services are provided as both a tool for decision-making within Town Government, and as an informational resource for the public.

The Division develops and maintains a functioning computer database and graphic interface that excels in providing geographic information, which, whether on the computer screen or on a printed map, facilitates the work of Town departments, and provides citizens with direct access to relevant Town information.
GIS Data Options: Transportation, Land Use, Census Tracts, Structures, Postal Codes, Raster Imagery

How GIS is Used in South Kingstown

Development and maintenance of town GIS data layers including:
  • GIS data distribution and map sales to the public.
  • Linking GIS data layers with other Town databases
  • Maintaining public internet site (WebGIS) for citizen access to GIS data
  • Parcels and Tax Maps
  • Protected Open Space
  • Providing access to GIS data and map production capability for Town staff
  • Providing geospatial analysis and decision-making support services to Town departments
  • Utility Infrastructure (Water, Wastewater, Stormwater, Roads)
  • Zoning


While the Town makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the GIS data, the Town of South Kingstown provides this data as is, with all faults. The Town of South Kingstown makes no claims, no representations and no warranties, regarding the reliability, completeness or the accuracy of the GIS data and GIS data products furnished by the Town. In no event shall the Town be liable for any indirect or consequential damages incurred from the use or inability to use the data. It should be noted that while GIS maps provide parcel information, these resources are not surveys of land should not be considered as such.