Property Revaluation

RIGL § 44-5-11.5 and §44-5-11.6 require all Rhode Island cities and towns to perform Property Revaluations every three years.

Under the State’s revaluation guidelines, the revaluation cycle requires statistical updates every third and sixth year, and a full revaluation every ninth year.  The purpose of the revaluations is to reconcile property assessments to their full and fair cash value as of December 31st of any revaluation year.

The Town of South Kingstown's revaluation cycle is as follows:

  • Tax Year 2024 - Statistical Revaluation
  • Tax Year 2021 - Full Revaluation
  • Tax Year 2018 - Statistical Revaluation

2021 Full Revaluation

The Town of South Kingstown has entered into a contract with Vision Government Solutions (Vision) of Hudson, MA to develop and implement the State-mandated Statistical Property Revaluation, under State Law, 44-5-11 and 44-5-11.6.  Currently, under State Law, revaluations are conducted every three years.

The effective date of this Full Revaluation is December 31, 2021 with assessments appearing on the July 2022 tax bills.

This project commenced in March 2021 with Vision analyzing sales, verifying the dwellings exterior measurements. Due to Covid 19 no interior inspections of property will be attempted or requested.  The intent of the Revaluation is to gauge market conditions that exist for 2021.

All properties will be reassessed.

All Vision employees will carry photo identification and a letter of introduction from the Assessor's Office.  Each Vision employee will also have a background check completed by Rhode Island Attorney General's Office.

In February of 2022, notices will be mailed to property owners informing them of their new proposed assessments.  Owners wishing to meet with Vision employees to discuss or review their new assessments will be able to schedule hearings in March of 2022.

This Full Revaluation will not affect your July 2021 tax bill.  It will be reflected in the July 2022 tax bill.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation during South Kingstown's reassessment program.  If you have any questions, please call the Assessor's Office at 401-789-9331 Ext. 1220.


**PLEASE NOTE- Paper applications for Real Estate/Tangible appeals are also available in the Assessor's Office starting on July 1, 2022.


If you would like to appeal your new assessment, please click the form link below: