Property Assessment Appeals

During revaluation years, new assessment notices are mailed to all property owners.  After receiving the notice, if a property owner would like to dispute the assessment amount, property owners can schedule an 'informal appeal hearing' with the revaluation company.  After the tax bills are mailed in July of any given year, if a property owner would like to dispute the assessment amount, a formal Assessment Appeal must be submitted to the Town Assessor's Office, by submitting an Application for Appeal of Property Tax.  Applications can be downloaded from this site under ‘Forms’, a form can be picked up at the Town Assessor's Office, or you may call the Town Assessors Office and request a form be mailed to you**. An Assessment Appeal must be submitted to the Assessor within 90 days of when the first quarterly tax payment is due, which is August 1st of any given year. The deadline for the 2023 appeal period is October 30, 2023.
 You may appeal your assessment if your property is overvalued (assessed value is more than the fair market value as of December 31, 2022 - the year of the last update or revaluation for real estate) for any reason, including clerical and data processing errors. The town-wide revaluation on December 31, 2022 will be reflected in the July 2023 tax bill. When you return your appeal to the Town Assessor’s office, be sure to attach all of your back-up documentation to support your appeal. The Town Assessor and/or the Assessment Board of Review will review your application prior to your hearing. 

**PLEASE NOTE- Paper applications for Real Estate/Tangible appeals are also available in the Assessor's Office starting on July 1, 2023.

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