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Volunteer Community Support Assistance Team

South Kingstown and Narragansett Emergency Management Agencies recognize the need for an organized and trained group of volunteers that can respond to a disaster or the imminent threat of disaster within the community. This group of volunteers is known as the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). The team is supported by volunteers from the Southern Rhode Island Volunteers who provide support and logistics to the team. CERT teams operate under the umbrella of the South Kingstown and Narragansett Emergency Management Agencies.
Southern Rhode Island Volunteers, Changing Lives
N/SK CERT will train and prepare individual citizens in communities, businesses, schools and institutions in emergency preparedness and basic disaster response support functions and techniques and enable them to prepare, as volunteers, to take an active role in providing critical support to Emergency Management, and emergency response personnel during emergencies and large scale events. In addition, training that CERT members receive will help them to assist effectively in other smaller scale mishaps that are within the scope of everyday crisis. Members may be utilized for various assignments, which may include neighborhood, countywide, statewide, or even national activation.

3 Basic Categories of CERT Graduates

Category 1

Comprised of persons who only want to take the course so they can better understand, prepare for, and respond to disasters in their own surroundings. They are not interested in on-going training or in being a part of any CERT related community service projects. They benefit the community by being able to respond should an emergency arise.

Category 2

Comprised of persons who want to take part in on-going training. They may or may not be willing to take part in community service projects that CERT coordinators would arrange and establish or are not willing or able to take part in the management of on-going CERT activities. However, they are interested in responding should a local or National emergency arise. They are people who will be members of the team when the real need comes. N/SK CERT needs to keep in contact with these persons to let them know of opportunities and have in place a communication system to contact them as needed.

Category 3

Comprised of persons for whom CERT is a passion. They want to receive on-going training and, at least periodically, take part in special public service projects. They are the core of the CERT program and are interested in becoming trained in CERT and other disciplines. They help with training, managing the CERT program and they make themselves generally available whenever CERT needs them. These are people who are included within the CERT structure. It is for these CERT members that the following Standard Operating Guidelines are established.

Membership Benefits

Those interested in joining the team are always welcome and needed. Benefits of team membership include:
  • Become better prepared to assist yourself, your family and your neighbors in the event of a disaster
  • Chance to work with emergency professionals in your area and learn from them
  • Free training in topics such as: CPR, CERT, Shelter Operations, Medical Points of Dispensing and much more
  • T-Shirt and ID card identifying yourself as a CERT member

How to Volunteer / Join the Team

Visit  the   website  for  our  volunteer  host  agency, Southern  Rhode  Island  Volunteers.  

For more information or questions please contact or email EMS Chief Craig Stanley at or 401-789-9331 ext 2532.

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