Building Department & Zoning

Online Permit Application

Link: Online Permit Application


Rhode Island State Building Code:


All Codes are read-only, copyright protected publications and cannot be printed or copied but are here to help you with your project. 

Code Changes Effective February 1, 2022

Link:  2021 RI One & Two Family Dwelling  Amendments


South Kingstown Zoning Ordinance:

Link: Adopted Ordinance


Zoning Board Members Needed Immediately

The Town Council is seeking residents who wish to be considered for appointment to fill an existing vacancy on the Zoning Board of Review.  This board has the power to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged by the appellant that there is error in any order, requirement, decision, or refusal of approval made by the Building Inspector in the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance; grant special exceptions as authorized; grant variances as authorized. Click here for an application and for more information about appointment to Town boards and commissions.


Permit Inspections: Inspections can be scheduled by calling the office at 789-9331 ext.1225. 

  • Building: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday No Building Inspections on Wednesdays
  • Electrical: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  
  • Plumbing/Mechanical: Tuesday and Thursday.                                                                   

Zoning Board Applications: Zoning Board applications and payments can be dropped off at the Town Hall, Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm. 

Zoning Board Application Link: Zoning Application

Zoning Certificates: To apply for a Zoning Certificate or to make a payment click on the following link: Zoning Certificate Application

Complaints: Life Safety complaints are addressed immediately.  Others will be addressed as scheduling allows.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Building Inspection and Zoning Department is to provide information and guidance to residents, realtors, contractors, and attorneys to assist in the navigation of the Town’s Building Codes and Zoning Ordinance.

The Zoning Board of Review is charged with hearing and considering the appeal of decisions made by the Planning Board, The Historic District Commission, and the Zoning Enforcement Officer; holds the authority to grant special use permits and variances from the Zoning Ordinance; and is committed to providing a fair and impartial hearing on all applications, in a timely manner.

Department Functions

The duties performed by the Building Inspection and Zoning Department include, but are not limited to:
  • Enforce the Town’s Building Codes and Zoning Ordinance
  • Enforce the Town’s codes and ordinances affecting health, safety, and welfare
  • Process and issue permits for construction
  • Provide necessary inspections for code compliance, and issue certificates of use and occupancy
  • Review all applications to CRMC for compliance with the Zoning Ordinance
  • Consult and advise property owners on the FEMA floodplain regulations
  • Serve as Clerk of the Building Code Board of Appeals for variances from Building Codes
  • Serve as Zoning Enforcement Officer and Clerk of the Zoning Board of Review:
  • Process variance, special use permit, and Planning Board decision appeal applications
  • Formulate advertisements and schedule hearings
  • Process and record minutes and decisions in the land evidence records
  • Investigate complaints, issue violation notices of noncompliance of regulations, and prosecute if necessary
  • Research and issue zoning certificates when requested
  • Responsible for the maintenance needs of Town Hall’s building and grounds
  • Assists other departments with construction projects, research, and investigations
  • The duties performed by the Zoning Board of Review include, but are not limited to:
    • Hear and consider the appeal of decisions made by the Planning Board, The Historic District Commission, and the Zoning Enforcement Officer
    • Have authority to grant variances from the Zoning Ordinance
    • Have authority to grant special use permits