Schedule of Fees

Municipal Fire Alarm Connection Fee

Payment for a municipal connection fee shall be in the amount of three hundred dollars ($300).

The Communications Division is transitioning from a hard wired cable system to a wireless radio box network system. A connection fee shall be paid for new connection to the Town’s fire alarm wireless network system. NO connection fee will be charged for those users converting over from existing hard wired connection to the new wireless network system.

New Building, Additions, Alterations, Structures, etc.

Permit Fees Based Upon Fire Alarm System Project Cost


Fire Alarm Project Cost Plan Review Fee
$500 or less $25
Over $500 but less than $1,000 $35
Over $1,000 but less than $2,000 $45
Over $2,000 Plus $6 per $1,000 or fraction thereof over $2,000 $45+

The Town Council waives all municipal fire alarm fees for all Town Departments, including the School Department, for projects having an estimated value of $200,000 or less. The Town Council may, upon request, grant by resolution a waiver of the fees for projects with an estimated value in excess of $200,000.