Games & Websites

Fun for Little Ones & Their Grown-Ups

The following websites are recommended for Pre-School - Grade 2.

Fun for All Ages

The following websites are recommended for Kindergarten - Grade 6.

Fun for Ages 8-12

  • Funology
    Crafts, magic, science, jokes, recipes, and more! Everything you need to escape a boring day!
  • International Children's Digital Library
    Explore thousands of children's e-books written in over 60 languages!
  • Kids Reads
    Reviews, author interviews, and more on new books!
  • National Gallery of Art for Kids
    Explore stories in art, take a post card tour of one of the galleries, get directions for art activities and projects, and more.
  • Ology
    Take a virtual museum trip and visit fun stories, activities, and games from the Natural Museum of History!
  • Scholastic Stacks
    Check out some of your favorite authors, books, and series!