Library Card Registration Policy

Your library card is required at all times to check out or renew materials.



The members of a household.


Current photo identification and proof of address. A minimum of one of the following is required when applying for a library card.

Acceptable identification for adults includes:

  • Car Registration
  • Checks With Name and Address Imprinted, or Bank Book
  • Driver's License
  • Identification by Member of the Staff
  • Proof of Mailing
  • Rental Lease
  • Telephone Directory Listing
  • Utility Bill or Receipts
  • Welfare Card

Acceptable identification college students includes:

  • Living on Campus
    • Student ID and Home Address
  • Living off Campus
    • Student ID, Local Mailing Address, and Home Address

Acceptable identification for young adults includes:

  • Driver's License or Student ID
  • Identification by a Member of the Library Staff
  • Telephone Directory Listing

Acceptable Identification for Juveniles would be parent's or guardian's valid identification.

Invalid Card

A card that has reached or gone beyond its expiration date.


Any person whose current residence is not within the state of Rhode Island.


Any person whose current residence is within the geographical limits of the Town of South Kingstown or other cities and towns in Rhode Island. An individual who is not a Rhode Island resident but owns a business or property in Rhode Island is considered a resident.

Temporary Resident

Any visitor who will be residing in South Kingstown for at least two weeks.

Valid Card

A card that has not reached its expiration date or one for which the $150 annual non-resident fee has been paid.


  • All residents may register for an Ocean State Libraries library card free of charge. Current photo identification is required. A parent's or guardian's signature is required on the application of all children age 12 and under.
  • College students temporarily residing in Rhode Island may obtain a library card for the period covered by school attendance. Current identification is required.
  • An annual non-resident fee of $150 is charged to each family or individual whose current residence is not within the state of Rhode Island. The card is valid for one calendar year from the date of registration. Non-residents who choose not to pay the $150 fee may use the Library's facilities and in-house services, but may not check out circulating materials. Upon payment of the fee, supplementary cards will be issued to members of a family.
  • Temporary cards will be issued to visitors residing in South Kingstown for at least two weeks. Identification, proof of temporary South Kingstown residence, and permanent residence information are required. No monetary deposits will be accepted in lieu of identification. Temporary cards are issued only for the period of residency.
  • Residents of Welcome House, the Domestic Violence Resource Center, and Group Homes may obtain a library card provided they submit confirmation on agency letterhead.
  • The Library offers free reciprocal borrowing privileges to all valid Ocean State Libraries cardholders.
  • Library cards are not transferable.
  • The replacement cost for a lost card is $1.
  • Before renewal of an expired library card, full payment of all overdue fines and other charges is due.

About the Policy

This policy is posted on the web for your information. In case of discrepancy, the official policy resides in the administrative office at the central library. A complete list of policies is also available from the administrative office. The policy was last updated September 3, 2014.