Business Licenses

Applications for business licenses are submitted to the Town Clerk’s Office through the OpenGov's online registration system. New applicants will have to create an individual account for their business. Follow the instructions to complete your applications and process your payment. The required fees (see link below) can be paid online with the applications, or by check delivered to the Town Clerk’s office.

If applicable, the following must be provided; all documents should be scanned and attached to the renewal applications online:

  • A copy of your current retail sales permit
  • Current Department of Health license
  • Those businesses which have Town potable water supply and/or a dedicated fire protection connection must provide annual written certification that their testable potable water backflow device is operating properly.

Liquor license applicants should review the Town Council’s Liquor License Rules and Regulations (see below link) and Liquor License Application Requirements (see below link) before beginning the application process. We recommend that you contact the Town Clerk’s Office for additional information.

  • General Business License assistance: Contact Linda Stedman at x1230 or email
  • Liquor License assistance: Contact Susan Flynn at x1232 or email

All license applications will be reviewed by the individual departments within the Town to ensure that the licensee is in compliance with all State Laws and Town Ordinances before being placed on the Town Council agenda for approval. You will receive emails from the Town during the review process, and any deficiencies will be noted so that you can address them immediately.

  1. Town Clerk's Office

    Physical Address
    180 High Street
    Wakefield, RI 02879

    Phone: (401) 789-9331 x1230
    Fax: (401) 788-9792

  2. Susan Flynn

    Town Clerk, Probate Clerk & Canvassing Clerk

  3. Nichole Romane

    Deputy Town Clerk

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