School Building Committee

Facilities Improvement Project Information

Visit the new webpage dedicated to the Facilities Improvement Project, or visit School Department's webpage to learn more about current and future school facility improvement projects.  Check back often for updates, as there are ongoing projects as well as a Stage 2 application for an $85 Million project planned for submission to RIDE in February 2021. For additional detail, view agendas and minutes (links below) for the School Building Committee, and even sign up to receive a notification when meetings are scheduled. 


  • The School Building Committee first met July 12, 2018
  • Meetings are scheduled as needed by the School Building Committee Chair 
  • Meeting Date, Time, Location, and Agenda are posted in advance
  • The SBC has a Communications Task Force Subcommittee that also meets as needed, with meeting Date, Time, Location, and Agenda posted in advance

All School Building Committee meetings and Communications Task Force Subcommittee meetings and are open to the public, and must meet OMA requirements.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings.  Minutes are available following approval.


Correspondence to the School Building Committee should be sent to the School Building Committee's Secretary.  Correspondence can be accepted via email or regular mail.   

Once received, correspondence will be distributed to the School Building Committee members, and additional Town and School staff involved in the project and supporting the efforts of the Committee, as well as the Owner's Project Manager(s) and consultants working on the project.  At the next SBC meeting, the communication will be formally accepted, and placed on file.  Should the SBC decide to further direct staff, the projects OPM, or the project's consultant relative to the correspondence, they may do so at the meeting. 


Membership of the School Building Committee must meet both Town Charter and Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) membership requirements.  In order to meet both local and State membership requirements, the Committee consists of a combined 14 members, with seven members appointed by the Town Council, six members appointed by the School Committee, and one member, the RIDE required community member, appointed jointly by the Town Council and the School Committee.  It is noted that there are fourteen members of the Committee, but only thirteen are voting members. 

Name Title RIDE or Charter Role Appointed by
Melissa Towle, Chair Community Member RIDE: South Kingstown resident with architectural, engineering, and/or construction experience Town Council & School Committee
Emily Cummiskey*, Secretary School Committee Member            Charter: School Committee Member School Committee

Russell Hill

Maintenance Director - School RIDE: Local official responsible for building maintenance School Committee
Raquel Pellerin Chief Financial Officer - School RIDE: Local budget official or member of the local finance committee School Committee
Deborah Kelso* Town Council Member Charter: Majority Town Council
Kate Macinanti* School Committee Member RIDE: A member who has knowledge of the educational mission and function of the facility School Committee
Chip McGair SKHS Principal (with input from other principals, rotating position)
RIDE: School Principal from the subject school School Committee
Aimee Reiner Director of Administrative Services - Town Charter: Majority Town Council
vacant Building Official - Town RIDE: Representative of the office or body authorized by law to construct school buildings in the municipality Town Council
Mark Russo Facilities Superintendent - Town Charter: Majority Town Council
Linda Savastano* School Superintendent RIDE: Superintendent of Schools School Committee
Zachary Saul Finance Director - Town Charter: Majority Town Council
Abel Collins Town Council President  Charter: Majority Town Council
Robert Zarnetske*  Town Manager Charter: Majority Town Council
*indicates also member of the Communications Task Force Subcommittee

RIDE School Construction Regulations ‐ School Building Committee members

"The district must submit names and backgrounds of the members of the school building committee that shall be formed in accordance with the provisions of the district’s local charter and/or bylaws. The school building committee must, at a minimum consist of eight people, including the superintendent of schools, at least one member of the school committee, the local official responsible for building maintenance, a representative of the office or body authorized by law to construct school buildings in the municipality, the school principal from the subject school, a member who has knowledge of the educational mission and function of the facility, a local budget official or member of the local finance committee, and at least one member of the community with architectural, engineering and/or construction experience to provide input relative to the effect of the project on the community and to examine building design and construction plans for reasonableness."

South Kingstown Town Charter Section 4820 Powers and duties of school committee 

"Section 4820(K): Whenever a new school building or an addition to an existing building shall be planned, a building committee shall be formed consisting of seven (7) members of whom three (3) shall be appointed by the school committee including at least one from its own number and four (4) shall be qualified electors appointed by the town council. The school building committee shall be responsible for the planning and supervision of all such construction. The building committee shall continue in office during the construction and until the formal acceptance by the town of the building or addition, or until discharged by vote of both the school committee and the town council."