SKPL Digital Collections

Joseph Peace Hazard Photographs
This collection contains images owned by Joseph Peace Hazard (1807-1892), with subjects ranging from the Hazard Castle, Druid's Dream, people he knew, and portrait photographs of himself. 

Joseph Peace Hazard
Dexter Hoxie Photographs
This collection contains images captured in and around Peace Dale, RI, c. 1900-1915, that are known or believed to have been taken by Dexter Hoxie (d. 1943). Hoxie documented village life, homes of the Hazard family, and scenes from the Peace Dale Mill. 
DH PD Library and fountain
Peace Dale Manufacturing Company
This small collection contains images of mill workers in the Peace Dale mill, c. 1900. The photographer is unknown but was likely Dexter Hoxie. 
women mill workers in mill
Joseph Peace Hazard Diary--192 of 382 files
Joseph Peace Hazard (1807-1892) kept this handwritten ledger/diary for many years. Some pages represent accounting of his expenses; others contain his own narrative writings, with occasional newspaper articles pasted in. 
Hazard Diary 177
Peace Dale Library Artifacts
This developing collection contains images of various historical items in Peace Dale Library's collections or in the building. 
south county magazine photo
Peace Dale Library Postcard Collection
Historic postcards of local landmarks from Peace Dale Library's Photograph Collection. Front and back of of each postcard are included here.  
Neighborhood Guild color postcard