Criminal Record Check & Fingerprinting Guidelines

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Under state and federal laws the South Kingstown Police Department performs criminal record checks as well as fingerprinting for South Kingstown residents seeking employment, licensing, or positions with businesses and agencies. Fingerprinting will be done by appointment only after submitting your information and selecting an appointment through our online platform. Criminal record checks without fingerprints will be processed after submitting your information through our online platform. 

The following are guidelines for obtaining a criminal record or fingerprints. Please refer to this fingerprint chart for further information on the eligible agencies that can process your request.


Only South Kingstown residents can be fingerprinted at the South Kingstown Police Department. There is a fee of $50.00, and we will only accept checks or money orders payable to the "Town of South Kingstown."

South Kingstown residents who are requesting a copy of their fingerprints and will be submitting a print card to their employer will be accommodated without charge.  No criminal background check will be performed and we will roll your prints on our digital LiveScan machine and provide you with a printed copy.  We no longer process requests for ink prints.

Fingerprints will be processed for state and national checks under the following conditions:

          • Child + Daycare center employee
          • Foster Care (no charge)
          • Medical Marijuana (caregiver/cultivator)
          • Police employee
          • School employee/ bus driver/ monitor
          • Religious organization (employees and volunteers)
          • Adoption (parent/ agencies)
          • Mental Health facilities (licensed by BHDDH)
          • Firefighter employee
          • DCYF employee
          • High School Senior Mentor program
          • Youth Serving Agency worker (click here for a list of approved agencies)

Volunteers are not considered employees. You must be a paid employee to be eligible for fingerprints.

 We do not provide fingerprinting for the following:

          • Department of Business Regulations
          • Financial/Alarm Companies
          • Private Security Companies
          • Pre-school and Nursery Schools
          • Precious Metals/Tools + Electronics
          • Nurses/CNA
          • Health Care/Nursing Facilities/Adult Day Care Centers
          • Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)
          • Childcare + Daycare Owners and Operators
          • Marijuana Compassion Centers
          • Hemp Growers
          • Lottery Employment/ Vendors
          • Ambulatory Care

Fingerprinting for the above categories is done by the Department of Attorney General, Bureau of Criminal Identification, located at 4 Howard Avenue in Cranston – (401) 274-4400.

Questions can be addressed via email to