Trash & Recyclables Hauler Information

Becoming a Licensed Private Hauler to Collect Solid Waste (Trash & Recyclables) in South Kingstown

Private haulers who want to collect or transport residential and/or non-residential solid waste and/or recyclables in the Town are required to hold a private hauler license issued by the Town each year. Private hauler licensing procedure includes: 

  • The private hauler shall complete and submit a Private Hauler License Application each year with the Town Clerk's office. This application is now available on the web and must be completed online.  Please click here to register and complete the process. An annual license application fee of $1,000, payable to the 'Town of South Kingstown' is due at the time of license application.
  • The license year runs from December 1st through November 30th of the following year.
  • Private haulers shall be deemed independent contractors and are not agents of the Town.
  • All private haulers licensed by the Town are required by local ordinance to provide recycling services to each and every residential customer they service and ensure that each customer meets or exceeds minimum Town recycling diversion rates and that each residential customer's recycling efforts comply with residential recycling rules and regulations.
  • Prior to licensure issuance, a private hauler shall provide a written, bona fide recycling plan to the Public Services Director, for his/her approval, which demonstrates that said private hauler has the adequate equipment and operational capability to collect required recyclables from each and every residential customer on a regular basis.

Choosing a Licensed Hauler in South Kingstown?

Residents opting to have curbside pickup service must chose from a list of Private Hauler. All private haulers in South Kingstown must be licensed by the Town, and residents are required to select a licensed hauler.  If a hauler is not on this list, they are not currently licensed to provide residential or commercial service in South Kingstown.

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